Other prices

Other prices:

Sauna whisk 2 EUR
Using a towel 2 EUR
Using the arbour 4 EUR hour
Using the arbour + fireplace and firewood 5 EUR hour
Grill 2 EUR
 Grill + coal + igniting substance 6 EUR
 Grill coal 4 EUR a bag
Igniting substance 2 EUR per bottle
Platform by the lake 4 EUR an hour
Renting the field kitchen on wheels 10 EUR/ day
Cook service 7 EUR an hour
Bicycle rent 2 EUR hour
10 EUR day 
Boat rent: 
 Rowing boat 3 EUR hour
10 EUR day 
 Parking a caravan 10 EUR per night
Parking a caravan + electricity 13 EUR per night
Renting the seminar - room with equipment 6 EUR hour
All the prices include turnover tax