We Offer

  • Staying overnight in the house built in 1711 - rooms are with all modern conveniences:
    • 2 rooms for one person 
    • suite for two 
    • 4 rooms with 4 beds 
    • 1 room for 3 persons
  • Possibility to fish on the best fishing-places of the lake
  • Renting fishing boats, life-jackets, motors
  • Renting inflatable boats
  • Using lookout of the old cordon
  • Renting bicycles
  • Party-hall with a mural decoration
  • Possibility to order banquet
  • Conference hall (with ceiling piece) for 30 persons
  • Log harbour with fireplace - room enough for 30 persons
  • A hall with fireplace, view to the lake
  • Possibility to order food
  • A wide selection of wines Possibility to use kitchen next to the hall with fireplace
  • Possibility to play table tennis, basketball, volleyball, shuttlecock, board games, carom 

And of course very tidy country-side, unspoiled nature and a beach with a mole